For years, the Caribbean has been early adopters of new technology, and it is by investing in these new technologies that we shall evolve. UNBROSSA has bridged the "Digital Divide" by focusing on providing satellite service to those households that other technologies cannot reach. Our solution is to bring IP Television connectivity to entire communities via satellite. We combine proven satellite service with our existing infrastructure to achieve the next step in broadcasting connection for rural areas and unserved regions in the Caribbean.

Today, a small percentage of the Caribbean have access to digital television or

fast broadband internet connection and enjoy the economic and social benefits that it provides. Many homes, districts, and even whole regions lack access because political and economic obstacles often prevent the expansion of terrestrial networks – to the severe disadvantage of rural regions in particular. Several countries have set themselves ambitious development targets; e.g. Haiti wants to realize digital Switch off for all its analog channels by the end of 2020.

Such targets also include the basic provision of digital set top box to everyone. These goals will not be achieved without a mix of broadcast, broadband technologies, including cable, fiber, wireless, and satellite.

Only an approach embracing all technologies will lead to the universal provision of digital broadcasting for all. UNBROSSA proposes to capitalize on this opportunity by leading an effort to create a region-wide network that will provide digital connectivity to all. Satellite access will rapidly change how individuals and organizations view and connect to the World. In the Caribbean, many people view mobile (cell phones) service as an important tool, and as an integral part of their daily lives. Our goal is to make television the same by providing the region with an affordable and reliable service with more comprehensive programming. Digital

Television access will allow the region not only to view local programming but also to view interesting programming throughout the World. In offering IP Digital Technology, will provide businesses and organizations with an easier way to communicate, transmit, and provide important information to targeted customers. This lack of comprehensive and universal access greatly limits the benefits of television broadcasting in the region. We will ensure that our services are widely accessible to everyone in the region.